"Fuck gun control laws, sick on you some bull dogs"
Jamie Lewis a.k.a Nebula One is BACK
Welcome to the official site of Jamie Lewis a.k.a Nebula One. You are in for quite a treat.

The highly skilled rapper Nebula One a.k.a Hanz Grooba, comes from Long Island City Queens, clenching a fierce and indestructible style, many have dubbed him "the maniac", being artistically ridiculous and naturally gifted at lyricism.
This rapper,singer, and producer is responsible for 1000’s of tracks that were recorded from 1993 to the present, and as of today, Nebula One can be heard online, and everywhere.

Being one of the most eclectic and Adapting MC’s as he is, Neb can be heard on metal albums to reggae cd’s to new york mixtapes. This blue eyed, 6 foot rapper has performed at the Rocafella showcase hosted by "Capone" the gangster of comedy in Harlem, and has gone on tour with the singer’s collective. He has performed throughout NYC, at numerous battles and rocks partys and shows from queens to jersey.

This Manhattan school of music trained singer and wordsmith might possibly be an up and coming hip hop frank zappa or gansta prince, producing the hottest tracks to building an unstoppable and extremely feared battle rap campaign. He is Nebula One, A.K.A N1 A.K.A. OWEN Wilson, A.K.A Jamie Lewis a new breed of MC.